Address for Submition of Application for Digital Certificate :

TSTS Office, 2nd floor, HACA Bhavan, Opp Public Gardens, Saifabad, Hydrabad - 500004

Contact Helpdesk : 9177769764

Digital Certificate Registration:

As TSTS Sub-CA under e-Mudhra Consumer Services Ltd is issuing Class 2 Digital Signature Certificates to Government Users with effective from 17th June, 2014.

Digital Certificate Charges to be Paid:

Signature Fresh 1 Year 800/-
Signature Fresh 2 Years 1200/-
Signature Renewal 1 Year 600/-
Signature Renewal 2 Years 700/-
Signature & Encryption 1 Year 1400/- If Trust Key
Signature & Encryption 2 Years 1900/-
Signature & Encryption Renewal 1 Year 1200/-

The D.D. must be drawn in favour of "MD Telangana State Technology Services LTD, Hyderabad."

*Important: Subscribers are requested to produce the required documents as per the checklist mentioned in “Procedure for obtaining Digital Certificate for e-Procurement” & CIVIL works Contractors are required to submit attested copy of the Civil Registration certificate from any Govt. of Telangana Department